The cash cube is an impressive piece of equipment that can be implemented into a variety of events fulfilling many different purposes. Our cash cubes, or grab a grand, have proven effective at fundraising events, where fun money grabbed by the participant is matched in donations by the host company. The money blower can also work as a team building activity at corporate events or of course just for fun at any kind of occasion! Hire cash cube and once the participant steps into the Perspex money grab machine our fully trained and insured operator will start the blower which in turn kicks off a whirl of fun money for the player to begin catching.

The purpose of the rent cash cube game can be flexible, real money (provided by yourself) can be used in the grab a grand machine which can then either be kept or donated, fun money can be used where the participant who collects the highest value wins a prize or even turn the game into a more of a team competition by introducing colour schemes. When you rent cash cubes, The Entertainment Group provides a friendly and enthusiastic member of staff who is always willing to employ your own personalised game and rules. Rent grab a grand machine and it can work perfectly as a key feature of an event or compliment other equipment and services provided by The Entertainment Group such as casino nights, themed parties and many other combinations. Why not enquire about a grab a grand hire package today and receive a personal package discounted rate!

Hire cash cubes and receive a professional and efficient service at an affordable rate. When you hire grab a grand machine you can rest assured The Entertainment Group will take care of everything for you, simply discuss and agree on your requirements with one of our sales team. We will deliver, set up and operate the cash cube for hire for the duration of your event, then break down and take it away afterwards all for one set affordable cost (agreed prior to event). 2012 is a significant year for events in Britain, why not give yours the boost it needs and hire grab a grand machine, it’s a fun and original way to entertain your guests and make your event the one that stands out.